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Sunday October 01, 2017

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Micro Reviews of Board Games From a Non-Competetive Perspective - Fabled Fruit

It's been a while since I posted to this thread -- I'll try to do better.

Today's mini-review of a board game is for a card game called "Fabled Fruit":

I've played this game with my serious board gamer friends, my 12 year old niece, and my mom, and they all loved it.

It plays from 2-5 and all player counts are good.  The basic rules are quite simple, you lay out 6 piles of cards and on each turn a player choose which card to visit, either performing the unique special action specified on the card, or paying the "cost" on the card in with different kinds of fruit mini-cards and claiming it.  First player to claim a certain number of cards wins.

What makes the game quite unique and special, is that the game comes with 70+ different cards, and as you play the game over the course of multiple sessions/days/weeks/month, old cards are removed from play and new ones are revealed.  So the game is introducing new elements each time you play it, but the rules only change a tiny bit each time.  It's wonderfully entertaining to adjust your gameplay to the new changes that come each time you play it.

Highly highly recommended for all variety of gaming personalities.

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Sunday September 24, 2017

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SafeBrowse chrome extension hides a cpu draining trojan

SafeBrowse, a Chrome extension with more than 140,000 users, contains an embedded JavaScript library in the extension's code that mines for the Monero cryptocurrency using users' computers and without getting their consent. The additional code drives CPU usage through the roof, making users' computers sluggish and hard to use.


posted by mouser donate to mouser - September 24, 2017, 08:46 AM
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Thursday September 21, 2017

World Wide Web Consortium abandons consensus, standardizes DRM, EFF resigns

In July, the Director of the World Wide Web Consortium overruled dozens of members' objections to publishing a DRM standard without a compromise to protect accessibility, security research, archiving, and competition.

EFF appealed the decision, the first-ever appeal in W3C history, which concluded last week with a deeply divided membership. 58.4% of the group voted to go on with publication, and the W3C did so today, an unprecedented move in a body that has always operated on consensus and compromise. In their public statements about the standard, the W3C executive repeatedly said that they didn't think the DRM advocates would be willing to compromise, and in the absence of such willingness, the exec have given them everything they demanded.


EFF no longer believes that the W3C process is suited to defending the open web. We have resigned from the Consortium, effective today. Below is our resignation letter

Read more here: https://boingboing.n...eatures-for-all.html

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Wednesday September 20, 2017

Tuesday September 19, 2017

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CCleanup: A Vast Number of Machines at Risk

Reported by OS News:

Talos recently observed a case where the download servers used by software vendor to distribute a legitimate software package were leveraged to deliver malware to unsuspecting victims. For a period of time, the legitimate signed version of CCleaner 5.33 being distributed by Avast also contained a multi-stage malware payload that rode on top of the installation of CCleaner.

Original article:

In reviewing the Version History page on the CCleaner download site, it appears that the affected version (5.33) was released on August 15, 2017. On September 12, 2017 version 5.34 was released. The version containing the malicious payload (5.33) was being distributed between these dates.

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Wednesday September 13, 2017

Jumpy: Animated videogame short

This animated short brought a real smile to my face.

There is a lesson about life in that video, but i'll be damned if i can say what it is. which is, of course, the best kind of life lesson.
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Tuesday August 15, 2017

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Our Screenshot Captor recommended by TechRadar yesterday

Screenshot Captor recommended by TechRadar yesterday:

Screenshot Captor, from DonationCoder, is the most powerful free screen capture tool you can download. It's thoughtfully designed and packed with options that will make your life easier, whatever you need screen grabs for.
Screenshot Captor is our favorite screen capture software, and for good reason – it’s enormously flexible and packed with tools to save you time and effort.

posted by mouser donate to mouser - August 15, 2017, 02:55 PM
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Wednesday August 09, 2017

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Giant review of thermal pastes for PC builders:

Giant review of thermal pastes at tom's hardware, for PC builders:

Several years ago, we published a round-up of thermal pastes that started with Thermal Paste Comparison, Part One: Applying Grease And More and concluded with Thermal Paste Comparison, Part Two: 39 Products Get Tested. Since it's so hot outside (at least in our U.S. labs), we're trying to cool so many new CPUs and GPUs, and readers keep asking for it, we decided to combine and update those stories, adding a range of new thermal pastes and pads.


Re: Recommend some music videos to me!

My young niece is visiting me this week -- we just went and saw a local performance of a great musical that I saw as a child, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Andrew Loyd Webber).

Turns out the movie of it can be watched in its entirety on youtube, and it's great stuff:

posted by mouser donate to mouser - August 09, 2017, 01:16 AM
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Monday July 24, 2017

Re: Two amazing talks on the creation of "Legacy" style board games

You can now regularly pick up "Pandemic Legacy" for $30-$40 (for example here at coolstuffinc where I buy my board games:

The best board game experience I have ever had, by far, in more than a decade of playing board games (I wrote about it here).

I think everyone on the planet should try this game..

posted by mouser donate to mouser - July 24, 2017, 10:40 PM
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You could instead be making your own dungeon crawler game

From Rock, Paper, Shotgun today:

If you are reading this now, you could instead be making your own dungeon crawler. That’s the magic of DungeonScript, a fairly simple browser-based game-making tool intended for first-person dungeon crawlers. After a little studying, you could be making your own dungeon crawlers and sharing them online for us all to play.

Looks pretty cool -- I'd love to see someone here make something..


posted by mouser donate to mouser - July 24, 2017, 10:28 PM
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Thursday June 15, 2017

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One of our favorite websites loves us back :) Ghacks

The Ghacks website, long one of our favorites, just posted an unexpected and very sweet write up about us  :-* :-* :-* :-*

It was really wonderful to read Martin's kind words about our site!!!!  I hope everyone sees it.


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Monday June 12, 2017

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Attending GenCon 2017 board game convention if anyone wants to meet up

Once again, because it's so close to me, it looks like I will be attending GenCon 2017, the large board game convention, on Aug 17-20 in Indiana.

If any other DonationCoder members are going, send me a message so we can meet up to say hello and play a game or two.

posted by mouser donate to mouser - June 12, 2017, 09:45 PM
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